Cuts Guide


Roll Finger

Roll finger Cut is a very popular glove cut among the best goalkeepers. The latex on this cut wraps all the way round the fingers from back to front, which creates a maximum contact area to catch the ball.

Hybrid Cut

This cut combines the best features of a Roll Finger and Negative Cut Goalkeeper glove, which is why it is referred to as a Hybrid Cut.  The middle 2 fingers a Negatively/Internally stitched creating a tighter fit and feel on the middle 2 fingers.  The outside (Index and Pinki) fingers are Rolled at the top providing more latex to ball contact and catching security.  Ideal for the Goalkeeper who likes a tighter fit while keeping the catching security of a Roll Finger model.


The cut can be recognized by its stitches being on the inside contrary to the other glove cuts. This gives you a snug fit and a ball control. This style of cut is perfect for those who like to have a tighter fit and more feel on the ball.


Hyla Cut

It combines stitch-less roll fingers and flat palm to create a unique and comfortable feel that provides the keeper with a pre-curved shape developed to aid ball catching & control